Soon to be launched from Arcadian Productions' publishing division, Tablero is a deceptively simple yet challenging game that becomes ever more difficult the better you play, because the better you play the more you get to drink-of your opponent's beer!

Bring out the Tablero and watch the party gravitate to whatever corner it occupies. OK, partly that's because the spectators get to sample the beer, but mainly its because the game is truly fascinating and fun to watch as well as play. Chicks dig it! Guys will be amazed and impressed by women who master this erudite and eclectic game.

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Tablero is a drinking game adapted from an Italian Renaissance gambling game, Tablero de Jesus (pronounced as in Spanish; hey-ZOOSE). It was conceived at a party held by some people who belonged to a medieval recreation group, the Society for Creative Anachronism. One of their number reasoned rather brilliantly that it would be a lot more fun to play this game with shots of beer than with coins. They dubbed it Tablero da Gucci, after the family name of the SCA household of some of the initial players. Rather than run the risk of getting sued by the famous and wealthy Gucci corporation, we decided to shorten the name to Tablero.

Experimental games were played with Southern Comfort (don't), Black Russians (don't!), and Tequila (DON'T!) before beer was wisely confirmed as the beverage of choice. But Tablero can also be played with water or soda pop or coffee.

The spread of Tablero around the world in the last decade has been truly remarkable. Students playing it in Japan were being challenged by American servicemen. Klingons were spotted playing it at game cons. The problem these people encountered was that the inventors of the game had taken great pride in never writing down the rules because they wanted the game to evolve in a hundred different directions by word-of-mouth. Which it did, so that when two groups met to play they often had many different rules, resulting in the sort of altercations that involve things flying through the air and the casting of aspersions on people's parentage.

So, partly to address this issue, and partly to make some dough, we decided that it was time for the Official Tablero Rules to be published, and with them, the Official Must-Have Accept-No-Substitutions Tablero Game Board and Shot-glasses Boxed Set.

Each Tablero game box is stylishly fashioned in lunchbox tin and contains; a cloth game board; (Tablero boards are traditionally made of cloth to soak up the inevitable spilt beer-hard boards get slippery and cardboard ones disintegrate); seven regulation size shot-glasses embossed with the Tablero logo; a rule book; and a pair of dice. All you have to supply is the beer. In fact, all you have to supply is half the beer, because your Opponent is supposed to supply their beer.

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