Always a pleasure working with Arcadian Productions. Ross has the amazing ability to negotiate with suppliers and communicate with stakeholders to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.  His upbeat attitude and pleasant demeanour gives me the confidence to have him deal directly with sponsors, which are very important relationships. Ross can make a large scale production with so many moving pieces look like a well-choreographed dance.  I highly recommend Ross and Nancy for your next big production. 

Jessica Walker, Director, Conferences and Special Events, Pace Group


Nancy you have put on a great festival. Thank you so much for trusting us with this performance. You bring such a great and generous energy to this event! As always a joy to work with you…with much love and appreciation.

Gordon Halloran, Producer, Body of Light


What a wonderful way to share and celebrate the very talented artists from the Sunshine Coast. Again... well done as I know that organizing this Festival was not a simple feat. Your hard work will have permanently raised the profile of the whole community.

Amerval Du Planty, visual artist


Thank you all for a wonderful experience and an incredibly well organized and inspiring festival! I was proud to be a part of this great festival, and delighted to see how enthusiastically the audiences reacted to the Guitar Day and my concert with the Borealis. I am very grateful to you for all the hard work you put into this! Thank you!

Daniel Bolshoy, Head of Guitar Division, UBC & VSO School of Music


You both are such wonderful people to work with and to support the activity on stage and behind it.  I hope I have made clear, but doubt I can with as much appreciation as is deserved, that TPE was so fortunate in your facilitating Mardi's participation in the Legends show.  In retrospect - I am so amazed at how perfectly she was able to contribute to the presentation, and with such an amazing collaborative and friendly starting place to figure it out.  I know she trusted us from the beginning, because she trusted you for so many good reasons - and so for that I'm especially grateful.

Jeremy Berkman, Trombonist and Co-Artistic Director, Turning Point Ensemble